Monday, 25 February 2013

Camera and separate blog for fishing!

Hello there!

Today I just wanted to let you know that I've started a separate blog for my fishing exploits, and you can find it here. I hope you enjoy it - it's an offshoot from a friend's YouTube blog about fishing, which you can find here

I decided to take the plunge into the world of fishing blogging for myself because I saw that my friend was getting a decent amount of views, and was also getting some sponsorship deals coming his way, and I thought "maybe I won't get sponsored, but it will probably be fun just to see what happens". It also gives me an excuse to buy a camera of my own, a Canon EOS 60D. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with one-upmanship of his Sanyo Xacti!!!

This means that there will no longer be any fishing related stuff on here, but please do check out my fishing blog!

I will be posing some camera related things on here - mainly just trials of various thigns at the moment, and maybe at some point my thoughts on the 60D, but you'll have to wait to see what turns up on that front.

In other news, I finished the Far Cry 3 campaign yesterday! It's a really great game, and I will be doing an in depth review in a little while, but that will take a fair amount of time as I want to do such a great game justice. Brief thoughts on it are that it's a really awesome game with some of the best graphics I've ever seen along with a decent and not too restricting storyline, albeit with moments that let it down, such as unskippable cut scenes and strange (drug-induced???) hallucinations that end up killing people with no real explanation as to how it happened. But that is for another day, so I'll leave it here today. 

Just to finish off, The Lamy Vista is still going strong and writing beautifully, and it's a real pleasure to write in the Rhodia Webnotebook!